The Year 2020 and what the date might mean

Happy New Year!

The year is now 2020 and for the first time we need to be particularly careful when using the date! If you would normally write a date as 02/01/20 then you need to think especially carefully about doing so. As the year ends with a date that is also the start of a century, dates you use in the format above can be altered after the event i.e. 02/01/2000 or 02/01/2014, thus making it appear as though something happened potentially years before it actually did.

All someone needs to do is add some additional numbers to the end of the original date and it appears as though the date is completely different. This is of great significance in the legal field where of course dates play paramount importance in many legal documents – Wills, Leases, Statutory Declarations, Agreements, etc.

To combat this always ensure that you write the date out in full this year on anything that you have to complete, that way it cannot be altered easily. Always write the complete year as 2020 so that nobody can change what was intended.

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