Being a Trustee 24/02/16

The world of Trusts is becoming ever more scrutinised and an inadequate service is unlikely to be tolerated. The modern Trust administrator faces a set of challenges. The landmark events that occur in the lifetime of a Trust, be it the need to raise cash for beneficiaries or reorganisation after a death, bring the need for professionalism into sharp focus. The increasingly important weight given to Trust assets in portfolios puts the Trustee on notice that independent, professional advice is necessary if the assets held in the Trust are to be dealt with properly. Continue reading Being a Trustee 24/02/16

Honesty in the First Instance 18/01/16

Divorce is often fraught with uncertainty for a myriad of reasons, care of dependants, financial settlement and imagining life post-divorce among them. The Court system seeks to mitigate this uncertainty by requiring full and frank disclosure from all parties so that reasonable provision can be made in line with an individual’s circumstances. In a recent landmark ruling, the Supreme Court has highlighted the importance of disclosure by overturning two Court of Appeal decisions. Continue reading Honesty in the First Instance 18/01/16

Is there such a thing as testamentary freedom in England and Wales anymore?

Concerns have been raised as to whether people can still disinherit their children following a recent case where the Court of Appeal ruled that the estranged daughter of a woman who left most of her estate to charity could make a claim against her late mothers estate, under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 (IPFDA 1975). Continue reading Is there such a thing as testamentary freedom in England and Wales anymore?

Jasper Vincent Solicitors are very pleased to announce that we have moved out of the Blackfield Office and will be opening a new office in Holbury very shortly – all our contact telephone numbers and emails remain the same