Our family team recognises that any relationship can come to an end for
a multiple of reasons and this can be an incredibly stressful time for all
involved. That is why it is important to choose a family team who can
guide you through the process of getting the best legal advice tailored to
suit your specific requirements.

We strive to minimise the impact of court proceedings in a family
breakdown by offering ways to achieve an out of court settlement,
however, we are not afraid to adopt a robust approach if this is required.

The work we carry out includes:

  • Divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships;
  • Separation agreements (from your marriage/civil partnership or cohabitation);
  • Financial claims upon divorce or civil partnerships (such as dividing pensions, capital, and awarding spousal maintenance);
  • Pre and post nuptial agreements;
  • Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustee cases (contested property disputes involving cohabitants);
  • Agreements for living together (to reach an amicable agreement in the intervening period with a view of getting a divorce/separation, where the children will live and who will pay the mortgage and other financial issues of importance);
  • Non-molestation applications (to protect against domestic violence including psychological, physical, financial, emotional abuse and protection from harassment);
  • Occupation applications (who occupies the family home, any conditions on the right to occupy the family home and who pays for the home's upkeep).
  • Child arrangement applications (previously known as contact/residence orders);
  • Specific issue applications (to determine an issue regarding children, such as their education or religion);
  • Prohibited steps applications (to prevent a step being taken in relation to a child);
  • Financial relief for children (to provide financial support such as housing or assistance for education);
  • Relocation of children (either within the UK or abroad);
  • Mediation

To find out more, please visit the Family FAQ page.


Relate are the UK’s biggest independent relationship support service. Their services include counselling for individuals, couples and families, therapy and support for children and young people and mediation. Relate can support those trying to resolve problems in their relationship as well as those already going through divorce. More information about the independent support they can offer can be found on their website.